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Sapienza University of Rome

Sapienza University of Rome, founded in 1303, is the oldest and the largest University in Europe. Through its 11 faculties, Sapienza offers over 250 degree programmes and more than 100 PhD programmes, covering a wide range of study fields. Sapienza carries out important scientific investigations in almost all disciplines, achieving high-standard results both on a national and on an international level. Research units include 66 departments and several thematic centres. All units are committed to develop international teaching and research programs under the coordination of the International Relation Office.

The project was proposed by the Interuniversity Research Centre for Sustainable Development of Sapienza University of Rome (CIRPS). The Centre has been active for 20 years in the field of sustainable development and international cooperation. It represents a collection of high level, interdisciplinary competences from eleven Italian universities.

Due to administrative reasons, the management of the project had be assigned to the Department of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering (DICEA), to which belong the majority of Sapienza personnel involved in the project activities. The Department is committed to high-level university teaching and research on several key areas of Engineering: architectural design and urban planning, hydroresources engineering, geodesy and geomatics, geophysics, applied geology and geotechnics, hydraulics, health engineering, road engineering and transport. Its personnel includes around 100 academic and administrative staff.

Address: Via Eudossiana, 18 – 00184 Rome (Italy)

Tel: +39.06.44585917

Fax: +39.06.44585186

Web: www.dicea.uniroma1.it

Contact: Prof. Silvia Macchi, Project Coordinator, silvia.macchi@uniroma1.it

Ardhi University

Ardhi University (ARU) was established as a public university in 2007 following the growth in size and scientific relevance of the University College of Lands and Architectural Studies (UCLAS), previously part of the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In keeping with the UCLAS tradition, ARU offers higher education, scientific research and technical consultancy in the fields of Urban Planning and Environmental Engineering at the national and regional level. ARU provides graduate, postgraduate, MSc, PhD and Certificate level programmes in Architecture and Design, Construction Economics and Management, Environmental Sciences and Technology, Geospatial Science and Technology, Urban and Regional Planning, Real Estate Studies and Information Systems Management.

ARU and CIRPS are partners on the project.

Address: P.O. Box 35176, Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)

Tel: + 255 22 2771272(Office)

Tel: + 255 599 181 (Mobile)

Fax: + 255 22 2775391

Web: www.aru.ac.tz

Contact: Prof. Gabriel Kassenga, Local Coordinator, kassenga@aru.ac.tz

Dar-es-Salaam City Council

The Dar-es-Salaam City Council (DCC) is the governing body for the city, administered by the City Director.

The DCC performs a coordination role. Its functions include coordination of infrastructure related activities, preparation of a coherent city–wide framework for the enhancement of sustainable development, and support for the overall administration of municipalities.

The DCC is already involved in adaptation and response measures, including: shallow and deep well drilling and other projects to respond to changing hydrological regimes; construction of dams to ensure water availability and sustainability for the population, livestock, sustainable fisheries and alternative livelihoods; improvement of counter-measures against the impact of natural disasters on livelihoods e.g. early warning systems, evacuation, etc.

The Dar-es-Salaam City Council (DCC) is an associate on the project.

Address: Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)

Contact: Mr. Philip Mwakyusa, philipmwakyusa@yahoo.co.uk



Prof. Giuseppe Sappa, Project Coordinator



Prof. Gabriel Kassenga, Local Coordinator

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