For a summary of the results of our investigation of people’s adaptive capacity:
Ricci, L., 2012. Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity in Peri-urban Areas: Investigating Autonomous Adaptation in Dar es Salaam. In: AESOP, 26th Annual Congress. Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, 11-15 July 2012.

For details of the analysis of information collected on 6000 families though a multiple choice questionnaire that allowed us to determine how people access resources, what changes they have observed, and what strategies they adopt to avoid losing access to the natural resources offered by the territory:
Ricci, L., Demurtas, P., Macchi, S., Cerbara, L., 2012. Investigating the Livelihoods of the Population Dependent on Natural Resources and their Concerns Regarding Climate Change. Working Paper, ACCDAR Project WP 1 Activity 1.1

To learn more about the type of information collected through the questionnaire and the responses thereto:
Household Questionnaire
Household Data Matrix (.xls)
Household Data Matrix (.csv)